Wine Rating Party with Juice2Wine

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Wine Rating Party with Juice2Wine

from 120.00
  • We will need the location for your party and the number of guests you anticipate will attend.

  • You will host with the Juice2Wine concierge a two hour Wine Rating Party for up to 10 people for $120 which is waived if at least one Home Winemaking session is confirmed and paid at your party. (see pricing for more than 10 guests below)

  • Each of your guests will taste our wine and learn the techniques of rating wine with our unique Wine Rating Party Scorecards.

  • Our Wine Rating Party is casual and interactive and so we will do as much or little wine education as your party wants.

  • Juice2Wine will provide 12 types of wine to explore & rate including:

    • 3 types of Fruit Infused Refreshment Wine;

    • 3 types of White Wine;

    • 4 types of Red Wine; and,

    • 2 types of Dessert Wine.

  • Your party will taste & learn the techniques of wine sampling

    • We will explore together the 4 steps of wine tasting as each of your guests sample and rate our wine to create their individual score.

      1. Look

      2. Smell

      3. Taste

      4. Conclude

  • Your party will explore the 5 Basic Wine Characteristics

    • We will review the taste sensation of wine as it is sampled:

      1. Sweetness

      2. Acidity

      3. Tannin

      4. Alcohol

      5. Body

  • Your party will learn about the 6 Step of Home Winemaking with Juice2Wine

    • We will discuss each of the 6 Steps in the Home Winemaking process along with the timing and what is involved for each step including:

      1. Primary Fermentation

      2. Stabilizing/Degassing

      3. Clearing

      4. Polishing Racking/Aging

      5. Filtering (exclusive to Juice2Wine Concierge Winemaking Serice)

      6. Bottling & Finishing

  • We will end your Wine Rating Party by scheduling and planning for your Home Winemaking sessions which includes:

    • Determine wine(s) you choose to make

    • Determine if you and your friends want to join a Juice2Wine Wine Club

    • Schedule and coordinate calendars for each of the 6 Winemaking Steps.

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